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Meet Takashi

Takashi is passionate about supporting women in achieving better health.

Originally, Takashi’s plan was to become a diplomat and he studied political science and economics. However, having seen his paternal grandmother die of dementia, he had a calling to improve healthcare and chose to enter the life sciences industry instead. He worked for the National Health Service in the UK and, as a management consultant, he led projects to improve patient engagement and education to achieve better health. In addition, he supported world’s leading pharmaceutical and personal care companies bring innovative products to their patients. He also went back to school to study biology and pharmacology at the Master’s degree level.

Most recently, Takashi ran a well-reputed pharmaceutical company as its European CEO and worked closely with Europe’s leading gynaecologists to bring innovative products to women and support patient communication. Through this work, Takashi observed that many women suffer from underdiagnosed conditions and information about these conditions and their therapies are often confusing. He also felt that women can take initiatives to improve their own health but they are sometimes not aware of their own power. As a loving husband, a father of three girls, a brother of two sisters, Takashi wants to help his loved ones achieve full health in a very confident manner.

This is why Takashi founded LivBio. LivBio works closely with leading gynaecologists to provide essential information about women’s health and provide effective products selected based on clinical evidence and patient feedback. Takashi’s goal is to help women better understand their health, choose the right therapeutic approach and be confident.

History of LivBio

Our story began when Takashi, our founder, accompanied his wife Tess to a renowned gynaecologist in Italy called Alessa.

Tess was unwell since the delivery of her last child two years before. She has visited a number of specialists but no one could find out what was causing her malaise.

Takashi has studied biology and was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company with a number of innovative products for women. He knew many gynaecologists across Europe and trusted Alessa. So, he took Tess to her.

Alessa took a whole-body approach to understanding the Tessa’s health condition. She spent more than an hour reading all the test results, asking Tess about her and her family’s health history, and doing a few examinations. In the end, Alessa identified the structure of the problem – Tess’s biology, hormone status, diet and some ailments.

Being a pharma CEO, Takashi was expecting the doctor to give prescription medicines. To his surprise, Alessa advised Tess to take natural products: minerals, vitamins and probiotic, change diet, do some specific exercises designed for post-pregnancy women and increase exposure to the Sun.

Tess follow the doctor’s advice and her health improved significantly.

‘Many women would benefit from the holistic approach that Alessa took in understanding and helping patients’ thought Takashi. He, however, knew that gynaecologists with Alessa’s level of experience are rare and few patients can afford to see them.

‘How about creating a website where women can ‘self help’ to understand their health conditions in a holistic manner and explore potential approaches before seeing their doctors?’ ‘Would it help to gather true experts to select important information about women’s health and effective products and present in an organised and unbiased manner?’ This is the reason why Takashi set up LivBio.

Our Experts

We work with a panel of internationally renowned gynaecologists who ensure that we select only those products that they can recommend to their own patients.

Our Suppliers

All our products come from Procare Health, a reputed health product manufacturer from Spain. Procare’s philosophy is to create modern rendition of traditional medicines that have scientifically proven efficacy. The company is 100% focused on women’s health and its products are used by women across Europe and South America.

Procare Health is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2012 by former executives of Procter & Gamble (P&G) Pharmaceutical. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and it is focused on women’s health and wellbeing.

“The vision of Procare Health is to be stablished as one of the leading laboratories in the area of women’s health, based on a strong growth of products and brands”. -Yann Gaslain, Founder and CEO, Procare Health

Procare Health is based on an innovation model where more than 30% of its budget is allocated towards R&D. Procare Health’s products are mostly made from therapeutic actives that come from natural sources. Its business model is based on the search of innovative therapeutic solutions thanks to the formulation, development and clinical research of its own products, always aiming to contribute with improvements in the area of treatments for women’s health.

Over the last seven years, Procare Health has been identifying unmet medical needs and formulate, research, develop, manufacture and launch a range of innovative products like Palomacare®, a treatment for the vaginal health of postmenopausic women, and Papilocare®, the first treatment to prevent and treat HPV-dependent cervical lesions. Procare Health has also launched in Spain Libicare®, the first natural treatment to promote sexual desire in women that suffer from female sexual dysfunctions.

Recently, Procare was featured in El Pais, a leading Spanish daily newspaper, as one of the fastest growing companies in the Spanish life science sector.

“Procare Health is a project that excites all the professionals from the pharmaceutical industry that have taken part of it. It is based on the drive to contribute with innovative and more natural solutions in the area of women’s health, whose needs have changed a lot lately”. Yann Gaslain, Founder and CEO, Procare Health