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Product is for: Femal Menopause

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Explore This Product

Non-hormonal, non-pharmacological therapy for the management of hot flushes, sleep disturbances, and nervousness in women going through menopause

Hot flushes, sleep disturbances, and nervousness caused by hormone imbalance during menopause

Femal is made from natural pollen of a flower common in Europe.

The active ingredient (the chemical that has effect on human body) of the pollen, however, is protected by a hard shell of the pollen and it is not largely accessible even when ingested and digested naturally. Femal is a product based on an extracted and purified version of the pollen where the shell is removed and therefore the active ingredient has high bioavailability (effectively taken into human body system).

Femal is hormone and phytoestrogen free. Femal is gluten-free.

Femal does not contain lactose, however, in consideration of the fact that other products are also processed at the production site, traces cannot be excluded. *

Not appropriate for vegan as the product contains bovine gelatin.


Active Ingredients: PureCyTonin® (purified pollen extract) complex PI + GC, 320mg.

Excipients: Microcrystalline cellulose; D-alpha tochopheryl acetate (corresponding to approx. 10 mg vitamin E (alpha-TE)); Magnesium stearate; Colloidal silicon dioxide; Bovine Gelatin.

Femal is gluten free and naturally lactose free.

 How it works:

PureCyTonin® (purified pollen extract) is the base of Femal.

The exact mode of action of Femal is unclear. One hypothesis is that it works via the serotonin system to increase the effects on serotonergic neurons. Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes one’s mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness.

The menopause is often associated with a dysfunction in the serotonergic neurotransmission system. By addressing this imbalance, the hypothesis is that Femal helps to support women through this time of change.

However, the exact relationship between hormonal and serotonergic systems in the menpausal and postmenopausal stages needs to be explored further before any specific mechanism of action can be assigned.

An observational study of 104 women in menopause taking 160mg of the pollen extract for 3 months showed the following results:

A significant decrease of different menopausal symptoms was observed between the starting point of the study and after 12 weeks (p < .0001). Hot flashes were reduced by 48.5%, sleep disturbance by 50.1%, depressive mood by 51.2%, irritability by 47.9%, fatigue by 47.8%, vaginal dryness by 39.63% and muscles and joint pain by 27.4%. The pollen extract Sérélys® reduced significant menopausal symptoms showing a very low side effect profile.

Tomas F, et al. Prospective observational study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the pollen extract  Sérélys ®  in the management of women with menopausal symptoms. Gynecological Endocrinology 2019; volume 35, 2019 – issue 4: 360-363 (1)


In the below study, Femal has shown effect on hot flush and sleep quality in a statistically significant manner. In addition, compared to isoflavone users, Femal users as a group experienced stronger results in sleep quality improvement after three and six months and hot flush after six months.

  • Methods: A six-month prospective observational study was performed in women in natural menopause suffering from menopausal symptoms and sleep disturbances. Three groups were compared: 57 women receiving two tablets/ day containing herbal remedy from pollen extracts (group A), 60 women receiving one tablet/day containing isoflavones 60 mg (group B), 47 women not receiving any treatment (group C). At 3 (T3) and 6 months (T6), the daily number of hot-flushes, Kupperman index for menopausal symptoms, the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) test were assessed.
  • Results: Both groups A and B showed a significant improvement of hot flushes (p<0.001) and Kuppermann Index (p<0.001) from T0 to T3 and from T0 to T6. No significant differences between treatment groups were found at T3, while at T6 group A showed greater decrease of daily hot flashes and better improvement of Kupperman Index as compared to group B (respectively, -48.8% versus -18.4% and -24.4% versus -15.4%; p<0.001). Improvement of global sleep quality was more evident in the pollen treated group compared to isoflavones group at both three (-24.7% versus -9.3%, p<0.001) and six (-52.9% vs -4.0%; p<0.001) months, mainly for the scores related to subjective sleep quality, sleep latency and habitual sleep efficiency.
  • Conclusion: Non-hormonal treatments can effectively be used in symptomatic menopausal women: among these, after six months of treatment, pollen extracts might achieve a better improvement of hot flushes, sleep disturbances and menopause-related symptoms than soy isoflavones. Herbal remedy from pollen extracts is mainly effective when the quality of sleep is the most disturbing complaint.

De Franciscis P et al. Current Pharmaceutical Design 2020; vol.26 issue 35: 4509 – 4514 (2)


(From the manufacturer’s website)

One capsule taken orally each day, at any time of day.

Femal has a gradual onset of action and in most women, positive effects can be seen around the 2 month (8 week) timepoint.

In order to maintain the positive effects from Femal, it is important that it is taken continuously. There are no limitations on the length of time that Femal may be taken, however no long term studies have been conducted.

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