Replens MD

6 single use pre-filled applicators

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Product is for: Dryness in vagina Replens MD

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Explore This Product

A long lasting moisturising gel that helps to relieve symptoms of vaginal dryness and replenish vaginal moisture for up to three days after use.

Vaginal dryness, which has a wide range of effects from minor discomfort to burning sensation and painful sexual intercourse

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With one application, Replens MD longer-lasting moisturiser coats the surface tissue and delivers soothing, moisture and hydration to vaginal mucosa for up to 3 days of continuous relief. Oestrogen-free.


Purified Water Ph. Eur. 78.82% w/w


Mineral Oil


Hydrogenated Palm Oil


Carbomer 974P

Sorbic Acid


Sodium Hydroxide.

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How it works:

Replens’ bio-adhesive ingredient (Polycarbophil) attaches to dry, dehydrated vaginal cells and delivers continuous moisture, leaving the area hydrated and feeling rejuvenated.

A significant effect on the morphology of epithelial cells in vaginal smears in patients with symptoms of vaginal atrophy being treated with Replens

The effect of Replens on vaginal cytology in the treatment of postmenopausal atrophy: cytomorphology versus computerised cytometry Van der Laak J A W M, et al. Journal of Clinical Pathology 2002; 55: 446-451 (1)

Over the course of the study the vaginal health index continued to show that not only had vaginal health improved but this improvement was maintained as long as subjects were using the product. In fact, all parameters of the vaginal health index showed improvement including vaginal moisture, vaginal fluid volume, vaginal pH, vaginal epithelial integrity and vaginal elasticity.

Long-term non-hormonal treatment of vaginal dryness. Bachmann G A, et al. Clinical Practice in Sexuality; vol. 8, number 8/9: 3-8 (2)

(1) file:///Users/kuukaishonin/Desktop/Effect_of_Replens_on_Vaginal_Cytology.pdf


(From the manufacturer’s website)

For most women, Replens MDTM Vaginal Moisturiser should be used every three days for best results. Use one applicator each time.
However, depending on the severity of your dryness, Replens MDTM can be used more or less frequently, as necessary. Replens MDTM is safe to use daily.
Replens MDTM can be used any time of day or night. Replens MDTM works best when used on a regular schedule and not just prior to intercourse.

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5.00 out of 5

A moisturising cream that helps to relieve dryness of the vagina and external genital area with a dual action of moisture and soothing lipids (fats)


6 single-use cannulas of 5ml

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#1 non-hormonal supplement for menopause