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Our story began when Takashi, our founder, accompanied his wife Tess to a renowned gynaecologist in Italy. Tess was unwell since the delivery of her last child. She had visited a number of specialists but no one could find out what was causing her malaise.

Takashi was CEO of a pharmaceutical company renowned for innovative products for women. Through his work, Takashi knew the Italian professor. The doctor was a renowned scientist and Takashi was expecting her to give prescription medicines. To his surprise, however, she advised Tess to take natural products: minerals, vitamins and probiotic and change diet. Tess’s health improved significantly.

‘Many women would benefit from holistic approach to their health. How about creating a website where women can understand their health conditions and explore potential approaches?’ This is the reason why Takashi set up LivBio.

LivBio conducts its own research and consults leading gynaecologists in Europe to select products with strong scientific evidence and provide accurate information.


LivBio believes that:

Our body’s natural state is health and our body has ability to heal.
All of us are in charge of keeping ourselves healthy.
Nature provides essential medicines and nutrients, although synthetic drugs are also sometimes useful and needed.

We commit to:

Put women in charge of their own health.
Provide accurate and unbiased information.
Select products based on strong clinical evidence.
Deliver products at a reasonable cost and use profit for good cause.
Ensure that everything we do is harmonious with Nature and environmentally sustainable.

Meet Takashi

Takashi is passionate about supporting women in achieving better health.

Having seen both his grandmothers die of dementia, he had a calling to improve healthcare and chose life sciences as his career. Earlier in his career, he worked for the National Health Service in the UK and led projects to improve patient health behviour. Most recently, Takashi ran the European business of a pharmaceutical company as its CEO.

Through this work, Takashi observed that many women suffer from underdiagnosed conditions and information about these conditions are often confusing. This is why Takashi founded LivBio.

“I would like to build a useful website, a health resource, where women, like my partner and daughters, can find authentic information and take control of their health,” – Takashi

Our Suppliers

Procare Health is a renowned health product manufacturer from Spain. The company was set up by former leaders of Procter & Gamble (P&G) Pharmaceutical in 2012. Procare’s philosophy is to create modern rendition of traditional medicines that have scientifically proven efficacy. The company invests 30% of its budget in scientific research and is very active in medical societies.

“The vision of Procare Health is to be stablished as one of the leading laboratories in the area of women’s health, based on a strong growth of products and brands”. -Yann Gaslain, Founder and CEO, Procare Health