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Explore This Product

Explore This Product

Natural ingredient-based gel for restoring and maintaining a healthy vagina

Helps to restore the microbiota (natural flora of microbes) balance, which is important for the prevention of infections such as candidiasis (thrush) and bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Repairs and moisturises the surface of the vagina and surrounding area

100% non-hormonal, paraben free and compatible with condoms

Women who wish to restore and maintain healthy vagina, including:

  • Women with discomfort, itching or irritation in vagina and cervix without any specific cause (unspecific vaginitis and cervicitis);
  • Women who are being treated or have been recently treated for infection in vagina;
  • Women who suffer from dryness in vagina;
  • Women who have hormonal and microbiota change due to operations, laser therapy, delivery, use of contraceptives, radiotherapy or chemotherapy; and,

Women of all ages including after child birth, breast feeding, peri and post menopause.

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Bioecolia: serves as nutrition for our body’s microorganisms and modulate the microbiota

Beta-glucan: provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effect (in niosome form, an innovative encapsulation forms that deliver active substances to basal and parabasal layer of the epithelium; i.e., deeper part of the tissue)

Aloe vera: repairs tissues

Centella asiatica: repairs tissues. Centella asiatica is a herb that is commonly for skin wounds in South East Asia. It is also a popular culinary ingredient in Asia.

Hyaluronic acid: moisturises tissue (in niosome form)

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How it works:

Palomacare improves vaginal health in four ways:

  • Bioecolia provides nutrients to natural members of the community of microbes (microbiota) in vagina, thus restoring the microbiota balance and reducing risk of infections
  • Beta-glucan has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effect on vaginal tissue
  • Aloe vera and centella asiatica provide tissue repairing effects
  • Hyaluronic acid moisturises the vulvo-vaginal mucosa

Unspecific vaginitis (inflammation)

In an open prospective clinical study, Palomacare has shown a clear tendency to contribute to disappearance of unspecific vaginitis. In the study, 61 women with unspecific vaginitis were divided into the treatment group (32 women) and the control group (i.e., no treatment; 29 women). The treatment group was given a daily dose of Palomacare for one week followed by one dose every day until the 12th weeks. After the 12 week study, the visible sign of infection disappeared among 66% of the patients in the treatment group while the sign of infection was not visible among 41% of the patients in the control group. 28 of the 32 women in the treatment group showed improved vaginal health score (Likert scale) with the index moving from 2.96 to 4.37 (p<0.0001) while 14 of the 29 women in the control group showed improved vaginal score with the index moving from 3.01 to 3.78.

Palacios S et al., Estudio clinico abierto, con grupo control, para explorer la eficacia del gelPalomacare en la reparacion de la mucosa cervico-vaginal en pacientes con citologia inflamatoria. Toko-Ginecologia Pratica. 2018 vol 78(1): 3-7

Child birth and post partem recovery

In an open prospective observational study, 40 pregnant women of ages 23-45 were recruited. Of the 40, 20 women were treated daily starting the 35th week of pregnancy throughout delivery and post delivery recovery (the treatment group). The other 20 women were not treated (the control group). The scar from the episiotomy (surgical cut) looked excellent among 85% of the women in the treatment group while 35% of the women in the control group were rated excellent (p<0.0001).The pain became mild among 75% of the women in the treatment group while it did among 30% of the women in the control group(p<0.0001). 95% of the women in the treatment group said they were satisfied with the improvements after the delivery while 25% of the women in the control group said they were satisfied (p<0.0001).

Aragon P, et al., Efectividad del masaje perineal con un gel vulvar (Palomacare) a base de fitosomas de Centella asiatica, durante la gestacion y el trabajo del parto. Toko-Ginecologia Pratica. 2019 vol 78(4): 170-174

A survey of 782 Spanish gynaecologists who have recommended the product to their patients reported that majority of the doctors have seen positive effects in their patients who have used the product. (see what expert doctors say section below) The survey was sponsored by Procare, the inventor and manufacturer of the Palomacare.

Improves vaginal health by

  • Rebalancing the vaginal microbiota (natural flora of microbes) which is important for prevention of infection;
  • Providing anti-oxidative effect;
  • Repairing vaginal tissues; and,
  • Providing moisture

Up to now, mild irritation is the only and rare adverse event reported.

One possible cause of the irritation is the difference between the alkaline vaginal pH of peri or post-menopause women and the pH of the product, which is 5.5. The symptom appears at the beginning of treatment and usually disappears along the usage of the product

Paraben free

Recommended use of the product differs based on your condition:

  • Women with discomfort, itching or irritation in vagina and cervix without any specific cause (unspecific vaginitis and cervicitis): Once a day for 6 days and then twice a week for 3 weeks, preferably before going to bed
  • Vaginal dryness: three times a week for 1 month and then twice a week for as long as needed
  • Maintenance of vaginal health during treatment of infections such as candidiasis (thrash) and bacterial vaginosis (BV) by anti-fungal or anti-biotic drugs: once a day during the treatment and for six days after the first menstruation post treatment for as long as needed
  • Inflammation and lesions (without human papilloma virus): Once a day for 12 days and then twice a week for 2 weeks
  • Post partem (after delivery of a baby): 3 times a week for 4 weeks and once a week for 2 weeks
  • Gynecological opeartion: 12 days after the surgery
  • Gynecological laser treatment: once a day for 6 days upto the treatment day and once a day for 6 days after the laser treatment

A survey of 782 gynaecologists in Spain who recommend Palomacare to their patients showed that:

  • 79% of the doctors recommend Palomacare for patients during and after treatment of their infections by chemical drugs and 75% of them found improvement in the patients’ vaginal health.
  • 70% of the doctors recommend Palomacare for patients to prevent recurrence of infection and 84% of them found Palomacare users to have lower recurrence rate.

The survey was sponsored by Procare, the inventor and manufacturer of the Palomacare.

There is no evidence that the ingredients of PALOMACARE® have a spermicidal effect.
PALOMACARE® VAGINAL GEL is not contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. PALOMACARE® Is a vaginal gel with ingredients of natural origin, non-hormonal, and has a local mechanism of action without penetrating the mucosa of the vagina and cervix. However, we (the manufacturer) always recommend the use of PALOMACARE® under medical supervision, both during pregnancy and in situations in which pregnancy is desired.
PALOMACARE® can be used for menopausal vaginal atrophy, as it has a complete action. Although there is no published data, due to the characteristics of the product (non-hormonal ingredients), it is likely that the product can be used at the same time with phytoestrogens without any negative interaction between them.
The duration and final dosage of treatment with PALOMACARE® VAGINAL GEL are always at the doctor's discretion, depending on the needs of each particular case.  In the case of severe vaginal atrophy, the recommended application is once a day or once every 2 days, depending on the needs, for a period of up to 3 months. Then, it is best to re-evaluate the pros and cons of continued treatment. If it works for you, there is no limit to the duration of treatment.
From the experience accumulated so far, itching, burning or stinging sensation is an adverse effect usually described with the use of PALOMACARE® VAGINAL GEL, although infrequent. There are several possible causes: it is usually more frequent in women with a particularly sensitive genital area, eg; women with the very irritated vulvar area and with very severe atrophy. The repair mechanisms when applying a repair gel, oils, or even local estrogen therapy can cause discomfort, which disappears as the dryness improves. Women with a very sensitive or damaged part of the genital area (e.g. micro-injuries after intercourse) and women with altered vaginal pH for any reason: current or recent infection, altered vaginal microbiota, etc., can also sometimes experience temporary irritation. Another possible cause would be an allergic-type hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the product. In any case, the symptom should be evaluated individually over time and see whether the symptoms disappear, diminish or remain. If the symptoms remain and are not tolerated by the patient, the treatment should be withdrawn.
PALOMACARE® contains lactic acid as an excipient. So if you are allergic to it, you should not use the product.