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Product is for: Dryness in vagina Idracare

Explore This Product

Explore This Product

Moisturising vaginal gel of high-concentration hyaluronic acid and aloe vera

100% non-hormonal, paraben free and compatible with condoms

Women with dryness or decreased moisture in vagina due to

  • Hormonal changes during menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, peri and postmenopause
  • Use of hormonal contraceptives
  • Intense exercise
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Changes to microbiota due to antibiotic use

Learn more about dryness in vagina

Aloe vera: re-epithelising

Bioecolia: selective modulation of the microbiota

Hyaluronic acid(in niosome form): hydrates tissues and provides elasticity to the vaginal mucosa

Learn more about natural ingredients

Ingredients (Hyaluronic acid, bioecolia and Aloe vera) have scientific evidence.

There has not been any clinical study done on the product

1 application per use; twice a week

Continue as long as needed

2 reviews for Idracare

  1. Marisol

    It does not irritate. So far I have found it to be the best intimate moisturising gel I’ve ever tried.
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  2. Muriel

    Very pleasant
    Reviewed on

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