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Covid-19 – safety measures

Dear Customer,

Covid-19 is affecting all of us.

We want to be extra careful so we took the following measures to protect you and our staff from the corona virus.

We asked our supplier to ship their products directly to the home office of LivBio owner in London. Until the lockdown is over, the owner personally takes care of everything from opening the box, putting them in to secure storage boxes, making shipping packages, and bringing them to a nearby Post Office. All products and packaging materials are kept for more than 3 days in a secure place before shipping so that the virus would be gone, even in the unlikely case that it is there.  When you receive a package from us, please discard the cardboard box and keep the content.

We hope this can reassure you. If you have any question, please write to us at info@livbio.co.uk

We hope you stay safe and feel secure.

Kind regards,

LivBio Team