Recurring HPV? how to build your immune system to fight the virus

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HPV is a virus – just like Covid is a virus – and so it’s natural to have questions about the
immune system and how best to get your body ready to fight HPV. Here we answer some of
your popular questions about HPV coming back, and the immune system.

Can HPV come back once it’s cleared?
Yes, HPV can come back once it’s been cleared from the body, although we are less sure
whether you are likely to be reinfected with the same strain.

There are more than 100 types, or strains, of HPV. Not all of them cause health problems,
some types cause genital warts and a small number can cause certain types of cancers.

HPV is so common among people who are or have been sexually active that it’s considered a
normal part of life. Just as it’s possible to get infected with different types of cold virus at
different times, it is also possible to be infected with different types of HPV virus.

So when you have cervical screening, it may pick up a new infection that is different to one
you’ve had before. Scientists currently know less about the chances of reinfection, which
means getting infected again with the same strain of HPV.

How long can HPV remain dormant?
You may have the HPV virus in your body for a long time without having any symptoms and
without knowing about it. This means you may have picked up the virus many years ago, so
it can be difficult to know exactly when you got HPV, or who from.

When HPV is in this state in someone’s body it’s known as dormant, and it may not be
picked up by a test. HPV can be dormant for many years, even decades. Dormant HPV can
suddenly become active again, although we don’t yet know why this happens. When the
virus becomes active, it can be picked up by a test, although it may not in fact be a recent
infection at all.

Is HPV caused by an immune deficiency?

Being infected with HPV isn’t caused by any kind of immune deficiency.
Usually our immune system works by recognising a virus or bacteria and building defences
against it. But in the case of HPV our natural immunity is not very strong, and so it is very
easy to get infected with the virus (human papillomavirus), or even to get infected with a
different strain. You can think of it like the common cold – even though you may 

have got a cold one year, it won’t stop you being infected by a different cold virus the following winter,
and that doesn’t mean there is a problem with your immune system. It’s just a normal part
of life.

Getting HPV is normal – most sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their
lives, and many people won’t ever even know about it.

How to help my body fight HPV
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How to build your immune system to fight HPV
Papilocare® Immunocaps is a food supplement with a unique formula which works to
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